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Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society
 Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society
Meeting in the San Fernando Valley.
Come and Visit!

Welcome to the website of the Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society. Our nearly 200 members come from throughout the southland and share a passion for cacti and succulents. Throughout the history of LACSS, many of the most prominent researchers, authors, and collectors of the succulent world have been leaders and members of our society. 

Doors open at 6:15 for our monthly meetings including the Social Hour, Ask an Expert, and much more. The business meeting starts promptly at 7:20. Attendance is FREE and open to the public. Each new visitor receives a free plant!  We hope to see you at a meeting soon. 

Kim Chavez
Mission Statement

The Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society (LACSS) cultivates the study and enjoyment of cacti and succulent plants through educational programs and activities that promote the hobby within a community of fellow enthusiasts and among the greater public.

LACSS Meeting first Thursday of the Month - Doors open 6:15pm

  Next General Meeting is Thursday, August 1, 2019 
ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center
18255 Victory BLVD., RESEDA,  CA, 91335
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                                                                        August 1 presentation

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Cactus - Rebutia

Succulent - Commiphora
                In my yard  from Al Mindel

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Staging - A Different Approach 
by Keith Taylor

Our speaker has developed a different style of staging by combining plant, pot, rocks and top dressing to create award winning compositions.

Keith will bring plants from his collection and demonstrate how to combine these elements to create an eye catching presentation. 
Keith Taylor began collecting caudiciform succulents in 1991 after seeing a large Cyphostemma juttae in the ground at a local botanical garden. "I was drawn to size and grotesque shape of the trunk". The Cyphostemma he saw is also the 1st succulent he purchased. His collection is more than 800 plants. He grows in plastic pots and raised beds. Keith prefers his succulents to look like habitat specimens rather than cultivated plants. He grows them hard, meaning limited water, little to no feeding and hot sun to give them the look of collected plants.

In 2008, Keith began creating pots to show off his plants. He believes the pot should compliment, not distract. The main focus should be the succulent. If the pot is too ornate, colorful, or shiny, it draws your eye toward the pot rather than the succulent. Also proportion plays a roll. Rocks and topdressing add to complete the presentation. His pottery is sought after by C&S collectors as well as bonsai artists.

Keith sells his work at C&S clubs and shows, bonsai clubs, online through Facebook, Instagram, and his website. He accepts custom orders and ships worldwide.
red flowering Euphorbia millii and peach flower on an orchid cactus